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Climbing Kilimanjaro via the Northern Circuit Route: The Ultimate Trekking Expedition

The Northern Circuit Route is a relatively new and less-trodden path to the summit of Kilimanjaro, offering an extended and immersive adventure for avid trekkers. This route is known for its unparalleled scenic beauty, high success rates, and a truly unique perspective of the mountain. Let's explore all you need to know about the Northern Circuit Route, including its exceptional features, highlights, and reasons to choose it for your Kilimanjaro expedition.

Route Overview:

The Northern Circuit Route is distinctive for its circumnavigation of the northern slopes of Kilimanjaro. Here are some key details:

  • Duration: Typically completed in 9-10 days, the Northern Circuit Route is one of the longest routes, providing ample time for acclimatization and ensuring a high success rate.

  • Scenery: This route offers an unparalleled panorama of Kilimanjaro, from lush rainforests to alpine deserts and the glacial summit. The variety of landscapes is simply breathtaking.

  • Difficulty: While challenging, the extended duration and gradual ascent make the Northern Circuit Route accessible to trekkers with a good fitness level and determination.

  • Isolation: This route is less frequented, providing a sense of solitude and wilderness rarely found on other paths.

Things to See Along the Northern Circuit Route:

  1. Lareho Camp: The journey begins at the Londorossi Gate, leading to Lareho Camp through pristine rainforests teeming with life.

  2. Shira Plateau: You’ll traverse the Shira Plateau, an otherworldly landscape with expansive views of the mountain and its volcanic formations.

  3. Moira Camp: As you ascend, you’ll reach Moira Camp, situated in the moorland zone, offering a tranquil setting for acclimatization.

  4. Barranco Wall: Like other routes, you’ll conquer the iconic Barranco Wall, with its challenging yet rewarding scramble.

  5. Stella Point and Uhuru Peak: The summit push begins from Barafu Camp, leading to Stella Point and, ultimately, Uhuru Peak, where you’ll experience the stunning sunrise over Africa.

Advantages of Choosing the Northern Circuit Route:

  1. Unparalleled Scenic Beauty: The Northern Circuit Route offers the most diverse and breathtaking landscapes, ensuring a visually stunning trek.

  2. High Success Rate: Due to its extended duration and gradual ascent, this route boasts one of the highest success rates for summiting Kilimanjaro.

  3. Solitude and Isolation: If you prefer a quieter and more secluded experience, the Northern Circuit Route provides a sense of wilderness rarely found on other paths.

  4. Exceptional Acclimatization: The longer duration enhances acclimatization, reducing the risk of altitude-related issues and increasing your chances of reaching the summit.

  5. Unique Perspective: Circumnavigating the northern slopes provides a fresh and unique perspective of Kilimanjaro.

  • In conclusion, for those seeking the ultimate Kilimanjaro trekking expedition with unmatched scenery, solitude, and exceptional acclimatization, the Northern Circuit Route is a top choice. Its extended duration and diverse landscapes make it a rewarding adventure for those ready to conquer Africa’s highest peak. Embark on the journey of a lifetime via the Northern Circuit Route and witness the grandeur of Kilimanjaro from every angle.
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