Managing Director Patrick Makere

My name is Patrick Makere, born in 1988 in an Arusha township, Tanzania. From age twelve, I toiled at a car wash to support my mother and three siblings. Leaving school at 15, I worked in an informal mine to sustain my family, surviving through the belief that I was chosen by God to protect them.

At 18, I joined Kilimanjaro expeditions as a porter, saving every penny for my siblings’ education and later, my own. Despite earning a degree in architecture, I found solace and purpose in guiding on the mountain. Becoming a certified guide in 2009, I’ve led over 200 successful expeditions, armed with expert knowledge and skills.

Through persistence and client support, I founded my company, Genius Kilimanjaro Climbing, focusing on responsible climbing of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. Embracing the importance of opportunities, I aim to empower our porters for personal growth and development.

With years of experience, I’ve mastered the secrets of a successful Kilimanjaro climb. Join me and discover the beauty of Africa’s rooftop firsthand.

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Patrick Makere