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Our Manager in Netherland Steve Lugard

Steve Lugard, born in 1965, brings a wealth of experience to his role as a non-executive board member at Genius Kilimanjaro. He works closely with Patrick, offering invaluable support in developing policies and strategies to navigate the organization's financial landscape.

Before his current position, Steve held the prestigious title of CEO at a consulting firm, where he oversaw a diverse team of over 100 staff members. His leadership acumen and strategic vision played a pivotal role in guiding the company to success. Additionally, Steve dedicated his expertise to Switzerland's local tourism sector, serving as a board member for an organization committed to promoting the country's rich cultural and natural heritage. His contributions helped shape initiatives that enhanced visitor experiences and fostered sustainable tourism practices. Outside the boardroom, Steve has always been drawn to adventure and exploration. In his youth, he honed his skills as an instructor for UIAA mountaineering, sharing his passion for outdoor pursuits with others. This adventurous spirit led him to undertake his most memorable journey yet: conquering Kilimanjaro in 2022, a feat that exemplifies his determination and resilience. Through his diverse experiences and unwavering commitment, Steve Lugard continues to make a profound impact, both within the boardroom and beyond.

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Steve Lugard